Start the process. But save the vote. Save the Court. And in so doing, save our country.
“But for Senate Republicans who four years ago adopted Senator McConnell’s principle...there is no way around their own words. They can withhold a vote on a nomination for the next duly elected president, or they can be shameless hypocrites. But not both.”
Leading conservative legal scholar : "Given what is at stake—all of what is at stake—Republican senators should not vote on a nomination before the presidential election." Do read the whole thing.
Save the Vote, Save the Court - The Bulwark. While a lot of activists on both sides are ready for total war over the Supreme Court, here’s a view about the long term stability of our government. If anyone cares about such things anymore.
Save the Vote, Save the Court - The Bulwark
"Over three decades, Democratic Senators ratcheted up the stakes at every turn, with Republicans almost always playing catch-up. "
Must read! The stakes. Save the Vote, Save the Court via
In a piece that will make no one happy, suggests Trump should nominate someone and that the Senate should hold hearings but hold off from confirming until after the election — if Trump wins.
From : a scenario for the next 100 days that will help preserve the legitimacy our judicial branch needs