Biden leads Trump 51% to 43% in the latest poll, essentially the same as a month ago. Close to 90% of voters say they have firmly made up their mind and 7 in 10 say the debates aren't that important in deciding.
The new NBC/WSJ poll finds Biden leading Trump nationally by 51-43. But here are two really key findings: * More than 50 percent of voters disapprove of Trump’s performance * Nearly 50% say there's no chance at all they'll support Trump
After a tumultuous month of news, Joe Biden leads by 8 points among registered voters — 51% to 43% — in the latest NBC News/WSJ poll. -
New NBC/WSJ national poll registered voters (before RBG’s death): Biden 51% Trump 43%
more evidence that the ceiling of Biden’s support is maybe a point or two short of Trump’s disapproval.