NEW: As #vaccine scientist + parent of an adult daughter with autism, I've debunked the fake #antivax "health freedom" movement. RFK Jr now calls me the "OG Villain". In the OG Villain explains how US anti-science movement has globalized
Accusing of being anti-vaccine? Let's call it out: It was the Trump campaign that re-energized antivax movement in 2015 causing a pivot to the political right, now escalating into a global anti-science confederacy. My details here
Anti-science extremism in America: escalating and globalizing - A new anti-science triumvirate has emerged.... ⁦
My latest in : "Anti-Science Extremism in America: Escalating and Globalizing" I report on how what began as the #antivax pivot to the far right in 2015, especially in #Texas, grew to a full on international anti-science movement
Weaponized health communication, a scary new trend. Peter Hotez on antiscience movement
Ahora el movimiento anticiencia es global ⁦⁩ “Anti-science extremism in America: escalating and globalizing”- ScienceDirect by ⁦
. my former President at Sabin Vaccine Institute has the 'gift of science'. The 'OG Villain' brings vaccine science to everyones level.
Thread 3/4: The Anti-science disinformation campaign
My latest in on the escalating and globalizing ant-science extremism in America. WARNING: Not a fun read
TODAY Tues Sept 29 with we'll discuss the role of disinformation in the COVID-19 pandemic. Background reading from my recent publication in
Anti-Science Extremism in America: Escalating and Globalizing