1/ THREAD: WOKISM IS A RELIGION (AND A BAD ONE). Many people (including me) have argued that Wokism is at least a quasi-religion. Here, I want to defend that proposition. See: And:
TWO THINGS can be true at once. Racism is an evil. I condemn it. But Anti-racism has gotten to the point where it is a nasty, bigoted, RACIST CULT. John McWortor is ESSENTIAL READING here. He’s BLACK, for those who CARE.
Anti-Racism has become an end-time religious fundamentalist belief structure. John McWhorter a black prof. from Columbia U. did the best take on this I may have ever read, along with James Baldwin in “Everybody’s Protest Novel” from Notes of a Native Son.
Great follow up to ’s 2015 piece “Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion”. Evergreen & come to mind: “Faced with a choice between some benign mendacity and being mauled, few human beings choose the latter.”
1. continues his exploration of antiracism as religion and the ineffectiveness of this third wave approach. Also recommend his previous pieces on this topic:
But McWhorter got there first. Anti-racism is the new religion, 2015 Daily Beast . 2/2
I also recommend reading on how "anti-racism" has become the flawed new (I'd say fundamentalist) religion of the Social Justice left.
I missed this piece somehow. As I say, religiosity isn't really in decline. Religious mind remains active, searching.
This was helpful, for understanding “new religions.”
Of course it’s naive. Because as points out in this excellent essay, anti-racism is a religion, which means its congregants are impervious to reason, logic and scientific evidence. 18/