very nice analysis by (with assistance from ) (and apologies if I inadvertently assisted this incorrect claim that most positive tests are false)
On the "false positives on Covid tests mean that there's no evidence of a second wave" theory that's been going around, and why that is, I'm afraid, flat wrong
People are ranting and raving about false positives, to suggest that there's no evidence of a second wave. explains why they're wrong
Me, on whether false positives on the Covid test mean that we can't tell whether the numbers are going up (they don't, and they are)
one last* plug for this, which is me basically saying "I was into false positive rates before they were cool. Oh you like false positive rates? Name me three of their albums" etc *probably not last
This is an important piece of balance by on the question of case numbers. If real cases go up, the effect of false positives lessens. However, a couple of queries spring to mind...
Do we need a second lockdown and are we doomed? answers the only question you're all asking
This is good. I hate to have virus stuff on my feed but I hope smart and influential people will read this.
The root of the “false positives” claim it looks like this was what Barbara Yaffe was trying to say #Bayesian
on false positive rates, and whether they might explain the apparent resurgence in Covid-19 cases, as some seem to believe (I don't think they can at all)
It doesn’t really matter if there are lots of false positives. What matters is that the number of positives has increased. |
Is the Government about to repeat all the mistakes it made back in March? |
Sceptics who talk up 'false positives' are engaging in wishful thinking |
Is this the second #coronavirus wave? Sceptics who talk up 'false positives' are engaging in wishful thinking via
Is this the second wave?