So appreciate this interview of by . Truth and irreverence and deep insights. And it includes a reference to the amazing essay she wrote in . (Buy the book so you can read it!) Kate, you're the best. #ClimateSquad
Jeff Goodell talks with climate scientist Kate Marvel about our long hot summer, the most urgent questions scientists are trying to answer now, and the Trump administration’s war on science #CCnow
"The truth is there is no silver bullet climate solution. Getting through this is going to take all hands on deck." My conversation with climate scientist
“Do you have hope? I think that’s the wrong question. I think the question is, do you have courage? Do you have the courage to be part of the solution?” I love and this interview with so much (with a mention of !)
Jeff Goodell in Conversation With Climate Scientist Kate Marvel – Rolling Stone
A Conversation With Climate Scientist in > : "the thing that marks Kate is her technical chops and her ability to work it through to the end. That’s a rare combination.”
In case you needed further evidence that is a rock star
We are so extremely fortunate to have in this world