good piece from on how one response to conservative judicial activism is just to ignore it.
The Left is having a roaring debate on whether the best way to protect judicial norms is to pack the court or begin ignoring Supreme Court decisions
I'm not on board for this. Eliminating judicial reviews means eliminating Brown, Roe v. Wade, Loving v. Virginia, much of the Bill of Rights, the principle of one person-one vote, and so much more.
Why the easiest way to deal with the Supreme Court is to ignore it
Looking better and better...just ignore Marbury
Here is an article I just saw this morning on ignoring the court
I'm going to give a big NOPE NOPE NOPE to the idea of the President disobeying SCOTUS decisions.
It’s weird how the airwaves are suddenly filling up with articles criticizing judicial review and judicial supremacy. Wonder what could possibly account for this.