Today someone shot at one of our signs 40+ times😳 My GOP opponent has spent his entire campaign calling me radical & tying me to Islamic terrorism—endangering my safety Hate leads to violence. We overcome his hate w/our compassion—Help us win & end hate
At an NAACP rally on Saturday I met a Trump supporter who accused Democrats of forcing socialism on America b/c we believe healthcare is a human right Turns out—his family is on Medicaid Here's what happened Retweet & join our fight. Let's win—together:
A quick story... Today we held a campaign event, like we have held 100s this year. But today, Trump supporters crashed our event. Here's what happened. Join our fight for justice & let's win—together: #VA01 #TeamRashid #CompassionThroughAction
Hey y’all—just so you know—my opponent is so panicked he’s photoshopping logo onto selfies of me with my mask for his attack mailers 😅 Check out the hilarious photoshop below, & donate here to help us win:
Tonight during my debate my GOP opponent attacked me for supporting UBI & said we cant afford it I responded that GOP tax cuts for billionaires have redistributed $50 TRILLION from bottom 90% to top 1% His response? Silence Join our fight: #YangGang
If you’re aghast at Trump’s remarks tonight—I’m running against a career GOP politician who walks lockstep with Trump. We have a chance to defeat him on Nov 3. Throw $5+ our way & retweet to help us win. #Debates2020
I agree! Muslim Christian Jewish, believer or non believer—our Constitution allows all of us to serve. Retweet if you want to see this American Muslim in Congress & Donate:
Deeply honored to announce Vice President 's endorsement! I admire Joe’s distinguished record of service characterized by empathy & compassion. Help us fight to flip #VA01 & unite our country under the leadership of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris:
Need some good news tonight? See this DM from a voter about her husband—a lifelong Republican, Veteran, & FBI Agent I’m running for Congress #VA01 & leading w/compassion & justice. In these final days—we need a final push to win $5 or $500—Join us: