Via and me, efforts to boost the Green Party
With my colleagues & , a look at longstanding efforts by Republicans to boost the Green Party, including this year and a major Trump backer's '16 support for Jill Stein.
Reupping from yesterday, our look at the Green Party, including reporting that Bernie Marcus and his top political aide were involved in efforts to boost Stein in 2016.
NYT: The Republican Party has been trying to use the Green Party to its advantage again
The Green Party Gets Some Powerful Allies: Republicans The G.O.P. has tried boosting Green Party candidates in previous election cycles to siphon votes from Democrats. It’s at it again this year — but it hasn’t always worked.
Several people told of the effort said Bernie MARCUS and his top political hand, Steve HANTLER, supported the Green Party effort in 2016, a third-party candidacy which some Dems blame for Clinton's loss in key states
Marcus and Hantler did not respond to repeated requests for comment on what took place in 2016
The Hantler/Marcus support was known to some senior Trump aides, including then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to one former senior official