BREAKING: Trump aides improperly intervened to falsely assert Bolton's book contained classified info to prevent its contents from becoming public, a lawyer for the career official overseeing book’s prepublication review said in filing. w/
BREAKING: Career official who reviewed John Bolton's book & determined it no longer had classified info alleges extraordinary irregularities & political interference as White House/DOJ sought to block publication & opened criminal investigation.w/
Breaking News: The White House intervened in the review process for John Bolton’s book to keep it from becoming public, a new court filing said.
The handling of Bolton’s book looks like “serious infection of the prepublication process by political actors to the detriment of classification experts who in any normal administration would handle this.” I talked w/ &
BUILT OUT THE STORY: The account by a former National Security Council official also implied that the Justice Department may have told a court that the book contains classified information and opened a criminal investigation based on false pretenses.
The career official who reviewed Bolton's book confirms that it was free of classified information and that the process was then “commandeered by political appointees for a seemingly political purpose” to try to stop publication.
The filing was an extraordinary twist in the legal saga surrounding Mr. Bolton’s book.
Knight's credible disclosures about the political corruption in Bolton's pre-clearance review raises squarely whether the Executive branch can censor willy-nilly in the name of national security. The answer under the First Amendment must be "no."
Kudos to Ms. Knight for coming forward to detail corrupt bullying by Trump's flying monkeys in their attempt to kill John Bolton's book and prosecute him. Eighteen hours of meetings to force her to sign a false declaration, which she did not sign.
This attempted suppression of a book with no classified information that had gone through the authorized review process is a scandal.
"White House aides improperly intervened to falsely assert that a manuscript by the former national security adviser John R. Bolton contained classified information in an attempt to prevent its contents from becoming public..."
"Mr. Wainstein recounted a series of irregularities...Political appointees in the WH directed her not to communicate with them in writing about the book, and proceeded to have a politically appointed lawyer conduct his own review."
Republicans are right. Cancel culture is out of control!
The prepublication review system gives far too much power to government censors. Bolton's case is unique only in its particulars. This system suppresses a huge amount of constitutionally protected speech that the public needs to (and has a right to) hear.
This book is alluring for what it reveals about Trump. But also, tells you a LOT about how the U.S. government works; how foreign policy works; and, frankly, how the world works. You can learn a lot from Bolton (if you're willing).
A career official says political appointees “commandeered” the prepublication review of John Bolton's book, and that White House and DOJ lawyers pressured her for 18 hours to sign a statement about the classification.
This is the way they roll in the Trump administration. Corruption reigns. White House Accused of Improperly Politicizing Review of John Bolton’s Book
Abject lawlessness at Bill Barr's Justice Department and the Trump White House. Whose troops are going to protect us from the attack on federal agencies in Washington DC?