Sir Harold Evans, 1928-2020, set the gold standard for journalism
I am so grateful Harry Evans became my mentor and friend, and all of us at Reuters are blessed to have worked with him and learned from him these past 10 years. His example will continue to guide us.
I wrote about the late great light of journalism , with whom I had the good fortune of working with ... featuring a Kookaburra cricket ball, ⁦⁩ & Henri Cartier-Bresson
. and I were very saddened early today to learn of the passing of our good friend of many years, Harry Evans, beloved husband of Tina Brown. Over the past 25 years we had many special moments, breakfasts, lunches, dinners & events with them.
Harry Evans 1928-2020
As a young reporter Harold Evans was my and my colleagues’ hero. His ‘Editing and Design’ books taught us editing and ethics and in my case provided a grounding in typography that I pursued later. One brief appreciation
Rest in Peace, dear Harry. I have known no greater editor.
"A once-in-a-century editor, he instinctively saw the parallels between his work and that of photographers: producing moments – layouts, investigations, bestsellers – that entertained, gutted or beguiled us." on Sir Harold Evans
Scroll all the way down for 's lovely tribute to her old boss Harold Evans, including the moment when he threw a lovely, lacquered cricket ball at , the Microsoft CEO.