TDR developed a user-friendly interactive intersectional gender analysis toolkit for infectious disease and broader health research communities. Have a look: #intersectionalgenderanalysistoolkit #inclusivity #diversity #equality
TDR is committed to supporting researchers to generate new evidence and combat infectious diseases to achieve universal health for everyone. Our new intersectional gender toolkit does just that: #intersectionalgenderanalysistoolkit
🇺🇳TDR has developed a user-friendly, interactive intersectional gender analysis toolkit, accessible to everyone, for infectious disease & broader💊💉🩸🩺⚕️🧪🔬🐍🦟🦠health research: (Definition of "intersectional" included) #beatNTDs #IDTwitter
. welcomes all those working in #GenderData to benefit from this timely resource on incorporating intersectional #gender analysis into #InfectiousDiseases research by colleagues . #intersectionalgenderanalysistoolkit Happy reading👉
published a toolkit to help health researchers to incorporate intersectional gender analysis into research on infectious diseases of poverty. Excellent interactive version of this toolkit at #intersectionalgenderanalysistoolkit #equality