"The millions of undecided voters who will determine this election are not actually stupid or deranged: They see with their own eyes how leaders within liberal institutions have wilted when confronted with mau-mauing from the woke left." from
. Needs a Moment Biden must show he can stand up to the toxic wokeness that dominates elite institutions—including a significant segment of his own party—in order to unite the country.
Great advice for Biden he won't take because it is waay too late and he hasn't got the nerve for it
Joe Biden Needs a Kshama Sawant Moment
"Today, the screaming student in the Yale quad is the screaming reporter in the American newsroom."
This Tablet piece fits with the picture of the American electorate that everyone informed by the Nixon, Reagan and Clinton years implicitly shares, but is hard to reconcile with Biden's comfortable lead.
“... Biden declined to call out the far-left groups that have caused the vast majority of the destruction, nor the figures in the media, academy and entertainment worlds who have provided the anarchists and violent looters with ideological air cover.”