NEW: we spoke to students across the country who are being forced to use test-taking tools like Proctorio, which monitor head and eye movements to detect cheating. some are being threatened by the companies for speaking out
Both students and faculty have been organizing movements against this kind of tech, “arguing that universities should explore new forms of assessment rather than subjecting students to surveillance.” ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
the surveillance tech being deployed against American students is among the most dystopian things I've ever seen. The specifics are horrifying
Proctorio software turns students’ computers into powerful invigilators—webcams monitor eye and head movements, microphones record noise in the room, & algorithms log how often a test taker moves their mouse, scrolls up and down on a page, and pushes keys.
"We must do better than subjecting our students to surveillance and violations of their privacy."
Proctorio, which is a proctoring software company whose product is being forced on students and not a character from a lesser Shakespeare play, doesn't take kindly to being proctored.
This article further fleshes out the concerns I raised in my oped. It also provides a useful template to interpret statements from these companies. A short thread ....1/6
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