Who is Ursula von Der Leyen? What does she reveal about the German journey through Europe and the identity of the European elite? My new, longread profile of the head of the European Commission and what she means for .
Outstanding profile by , of Mrs Europe herself - Ursula Von der Leyen. Gets to the heart of the various issues strafing the contemporary EU.
An incredibly well written portrait of the enigmatic woman at the EU helm⁩. Her history traces back to the Hanseatic League, begins after the Treaty of Rome as a Brussels princeling, and spans punk rock London & post-war Germany. Nice one ⁦!
1/ Ce portrait de Van der Leyen par ⁦⁩ est exceptionnellement brillant mais aussi très instructif pour le public français. Il montre un aspect peu connu des élites allemandes et de leur rapport à l’Europe.
The rise of Mrs Europe
This is an absolutely phenomenal essay.
Profile of a Eurocrat