Reparations Is the Only Choice” by Marvin Slaughter Dr. Darity & A. Kirsten Mullen identify 3 approaches to calculating #reparations for #ADOS.
“Although Black American descendants of slavery have been free, they have been historically exploited and shackled economically due to an extraction of trillions of dollars in wealth.” #ADOS #Reparations #purereparations #LineageMatters #FHTE
Research by and Kristen Mullen regarding #Reparations for descendants of slavery. Article by Marvin Slaughter, including a range of estimates.
#Reparations is the only choice, by Marvin Slaughter.
I visualized some data for an article on #reparations for #ADOS by that highlights research by and . This is the most comprehensive short-form article on this topic that I have ever read.
Thank you to Marvin Slaughter for his terrific article in on 's and my work on #purereparations in our report for , "Resurrecting the Promise of 40 Acres."