Strong evidence for the theory that Wokeness is a rebooted, secularized form of Mainline Protestantism: the primary opponents to Wokeness—where it inspires the most disquiet and resistance—are among Catholics and Jews.
The Woke and the Un-Woke: argues that American politics is fast becoming a religious conflict between a hegemonic new faith and its multifarious foes
Interesting analysis. I’ve found in my own friendship groups that there’s an increasingly easy alliance between traditional Catholics & liberal skeptics
Creating an anti-woke alliance between the skeptical and the religious, the nones and the trads, will not be easy. But it may prove necessary.
“Wokeism” is not merely an idle belief system—increasingly it is the official philosophy of the American ruling class, employed to justify the exercise of coercive power. Governmental authorities and corporations now coordinate in enforcing [its] dictates”
people can keep writing this piece if they want but the next person who does should probably be explicit about the fact that the “america” they’re talking about is a relatively small group of elite educated white people.
Great essay by on the need for a trad-none alliance against the woke