Dear U.S. journalists: This may not seem like the most important issue right now, but please take note that the DHS is proposing massive restrictions for foreign correspondents. The plan is to limit their stay in the U.S. to 240 days (from 5 years)!
The Trump admin is trying to effectively ban foreign students from ANYWHERE from completing U.S. PhDs that take more than 4 years. This is so deeply stupid from a tech competitiveness standpoint that even GOP xenophobia seems insufficient to explain it.
in the midst of the accelerating catastrophe that is the final month of this administration, DHS has come up with yet another proposal for destroying graduate education as we know it
Fellow international students & postdocs, apparently DHS thinks we can finish our study/research in 2-4 years. If you don't agree with that, please submit your comment to the proposal on the Federal Register website (link in thread)
Please act to stop this: DHS Proposes to Change Admission Period Structure for F, J and I Nonimmigrants.