Sign of the times: in 2014 the chamber helped deliver the Senate majority for the GOP. Now, with the majority on the brink, the pro-business lobby is making peace with Dems
News: The Chamber is intensifying its leftward shift, with the organization privately laying out plans today to reach out to Senate Dems as the GOP majority teeters The latest twist in the business lobby's saga >>
Top Chamber of Commerce official told staff today that the group would be an engaging in an “all-hands-on-deck…serious, sustained” effort to “normalize our relationships” with Senate Democrats, according to a clip of the meeting obtained by
Putting a thumb on the scale for moderate-ish Ds to maintain a toehold with the inevitable House majority is one thing--hedging your Senate strategy would be pretty 👀.
Chamber of Commerce talks peace with Senate Dems as McConnell's majority teeters via