When I got the invitation to appear at this seminar, I was surprised and pleased. I thought Harvard had gotten too Woke for that. Now I'm waiting with curiosity to see if Harvard caves.
Charles Murray is set to speak in an event that is part of a course called “Data”. This is outrageous. Not because Murray is right-wing, but because his whole career is built on systematically misunderstanding statistics! References to follow.
There are many reasons why it's inappropriate to invite Charles Murray to speak in a data science course. One is that he wrote a book titled "the bell curve" whose main thesis is that a certain distribution is not a bell curve but a mixture of Gaussians.
I would not have participated in the 50's Data Science speaker series had I know that Charles Murray was also invited. His work is not data science, as this implicitly suggests, it is pseudoscience, and it both is & enables systemic bigotry.