"Krug was more than simply a mediocre scholar who managed to hoist herself above the other crabs in the PhD barrel by combining postmodernist flimflam with a claim to an ethnic identity"
This is a terrific look at the bizarre Jessica Krug saga for by , who actually read Krug's book
If this review is accurate, how does this stuff get published by an academic press
The Jessica Krug story is amazing. They should make a film of it
Charlotte Allen on Jessica Krug. The real scandal is that this drivel is called scholarship. It's disgusting that real scholars aren't outraged by this, I think doctors would be if society gave them and witch doctors the same title and prestige. Cowards.
"The real scandal wasn’t Krug’s decade of duplicity. It was the eagerness of GWU faculty, along with nearly every other academic with whom Krug came into contact year after year, to enable a deception that in hindsight seems almost laughably transparent."
Jessica Krug's "scholarship". Spend two weeks in Angola doing six interviews. Concoct a romantic story of resistance by slaves. Disguise it with inscrutable jargon. Power it with racial preferences, activist scholarship, and a shower of research funds.
"Krug is one of several white women who have recently confessed to adopting false black identities for career reasons, then getting caught." Non-European privilege in action. Europeans pretend to be other races so they look less bad in comparison.