Could not put this one down. Wonderfully-told story of the insane campaign of harassment waged by tech executives at eBay, and reflective of the thin-skinned attitude I’ve seen across Silicon Valley to even the mildest of critics.
Amazing yarn about eBay’s demented “security” team from
The full story of the most lurid scandal in the history of Silicon Valley.
This story is WILD. Fantastic reporting by on ‘s determination to “crush” mom-and-pop critics. Grotesque.
Wild... 'Their alleged targets were almost comically obscure...their methods were juvenile and grotesque, featuring cockroaches, pornography, barely veiled threats of violence and death, physical surveillance and the weaponization of late-night pizza.'
Superb reporting by the on eBay's beyond-the-pale harassment of critics. But the feds never prosecuted the execs, just the underlings. THAT is at least a much a scandal.
If you donate to , or considering it, see this article on Steve Wymer's bad behavior . I can't fathom how the board hired him as CEO given they knew of it. In Silicon Valley, lots of ethics talk these days, but what people DO is what counts.
"The scheme [...] was both completely malevolent and remarkably inept — full of daft assumptions [...] about a plot that did not exist. It stands as a warning about how easily tech companies can feel aggrieved, and the mayhem that can ensue when they do."
The only possible conclusion from another bonkers tale of eBay executives harassing a blogging couple is...just...WHY? eBay had thousands more important priorities than obsessing about a rando on Twitter and a couple who wrote a small website.
Men with giant fragile egos & unresolved daddy issues let their paranoia & insecurity push them to act macho & "tough," thereby utterly fucking up a situation where simple empathy & diplomacy would have worked. Story of America? Yes. Also, eBay.
A look into the incredibly bizarre culture at eBay and how it led to a stalking and harassment campaign against online critics.
What an amazing story of, among other things, local cops running circles around Silicon Valley goons
“I want to see ashes... As long as it takes. Whatever it takes.” I hope has already locked down the movie rights for this bizarre story of eBay's revenge squad.
So much happening in this stunning account by of eBay's heinous harassment campaign against the founders of , I'm not sure where to start.
Long read account of cyberstalking case against eBay employees, Not everything done on social media is protected speech. "Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal"
I really don’t even know what to say about this, lol. Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal.
The whole story is just wild
The eBay tale “stands as a warning about how easily tech companies can feel aggrieved, and the mayhem that can ensue when they do. And it vividly shows how the internet makes people crazy, often without them ever realizing it.”
It is *still* mind-blowing to me that people from attacked Ina from . We used to read that all the time, back in the day. Feel so badly for the people hurt here. Just shameful.
A stunning story of bad corporate behavior - and one of the perpetrators somehow ended up as the top executive of a big Silicon Valley nonprofit, via #philanthropy