Tomorrow's . Data is clear. Political & societal decisions on what to do extraordinary difficult. Very little room for a middle way that keeps things open & also prevents transmission, illness & COVID/NonCOVID deaths. Needs a national debate
Jeremy Farrar, Director of Wellcome Trust, member of SAGE: ‘It is, of course, concerning to see the number of cases among university students...Teaching in further + HE should be online, except in those few courses where it is impossible’ #COVID19
Greater restrictions needed now to suppress rising transmission - or we will be trapped in a cycle of #covid waves - & neither saving lives or livelihoods ⁦⁩ | Comment | The Sunday Times
No fudges — we have to get on top of the virus Important (but depressing) article by ⁦⁩ on the difficult & unenviable decisions that politicians need to make NOW. Can’t put things off or it’ll be too late. Need honesty with public
My next tweet thread is to recommend the excellent piece by on the situation in the UK, "No fudges".
“Without vaccines and in the absence of more effective treatments, limiting our physical interactions and robust public health measures are the medicine we must keep taking for now.” ⁦⁩ on the clear choice faced
Telling it like it is ⁦⁩ No fudges — we have to get on top of the virus
No fudges — we have to get on top of the virus
Sobering & wise words from on the unenviable & very difficult decisions to be made in the coming weeks
'It is for politicians to make these very tough decisions, but public trust, confidence and understanding are critical to effective public health — and at the moment that trust is fragile and fracturing.'