"The more the public comes to know that the universities have approved positions on certain topics, the more it quite rationally loses confidence in research that comes out of universities."
The Bias that Divides Us - by cognitive psychologist Keith Stanovich. That would be the myside bias, uncorrelated with IQ & other biases, and peculiarly difficult to circumvent. via
"Many cognitive biases in the psychological literature are only displayed by a subset of subjects—sometimes even less than a majority. In contrast, myside bias is one of the most ubiquitous of biases... exhibited by the vast majority of subjects studied."
"if you are a person of high intelligence...you will be less likely than the average person to realize you have derived your beliefs from the social groups you belong to and because they fit with your temperament and your innate psychological propensities"
"To avoid the most troublesome kind of myside bias, we need to distance ourselves from our convictions, and it may help to conceive of our beliefs as memes that may well have interests of their own."
"We treat beliefs as possessions when we think that we have thought our way to these beliefs and that the beliefs are serving us. What Dan Dennett calls the meme’s eye view leads us to question both assumptions."
"One of the most depressing social trends of the last couple of decades has been university faculty becoming proponents of a doctrine that attacks the heart of their intellectual mission." #Intersectionality #IntersectionalFeminism #woke #wokeAF
"Taking a person out of the comfort zone...was once seen as 1 of the key purposes of a university education. But when the university simply affirms students...identities...it is hard to see the value added by the university..." Keith Stanovich
Myside Bias is one of the few biases that is unrelated to IQ, and as a result pervades academia:
Keith Stanovich continues the centrist angle in Quillette. The most odd thing about this essay is the lack of hyperlinks to evidence for the claims. Often I have a good idea what he means, but not everybody is Emil, so why are they not there? Pity
"the public is increasingly aware that, in universities, for many issues related to identity politics, preferred conclusions are now dictated in advance and falsifying them in open inquiry is no longer allowed"
Three years ago Keith Stanovich penned what remains one of my favorite pieces ("Were Trump Voters Irrational?"); here, a new one adapted from his forthcoming book 'The Bias That Divides Us: The Science & Politics of Myside Thinking'...
"despite all the damage that myside bias does to our social and political discourse, it is shockingly hard to show that, for an individual, it is a thinking error"
"despite all the damage that myside bias does to our social and political discourse, it is shockingly hard to show that, for an individual, it is a thinking error"
“Identity politics advocates have succeeded in making certain research conclusions within the university verboten. ... The identity politics ideologues have won the on-campus battle to suppress views that they do not like.”
"University research on all of the charged topics where identity politics has predetermined the conclusions [...] is simply not believable anymore by anyone cognizant of the pressures exerted by the ideological monoculture of the university."