On top of everything else, the dynamic-graph rendition of the NYT Trump story is just exceptionally well done—and it makes exquisitely clear that something very, very curious is going on with Trump's golf properties
Tax records provide a detailed history of President Trump’s business career, revealing huge losses, looming financial threats and a large, contested refund from the IRS. Here's a timeline of Trump's finances.
Decades of tax information that President Trump has tried to hide from the public provides a detailed view of his business career, revealing huge losses, looming financial threats and a large, contested refund from the IRS.
This is a nifty visualization that summarizes things. Worth scrolling through.
The New York Times obtained tax return data for President Trump that spans more than two decades, including his first two years in office. This interactive does a great job of boiling it down to the bottom line:
I think I'm not alone in previously having tried and failed to understand how Trump's business empire actually worked. The new tax info makes it far easier to see how it all fits together. Great charts here
this appears to be a suboptimal chart for mr. trump
Ok, so everybody is tweeting the story about Trump taxes. But if you don't want to read the lengthy text, the data viz, interactive version is so well done:
"The Apprentice?" How about "The Biggest Loser?" built a personal brand on being a shrewd business person, but the truth is out: businesses run by Trump LOST $172.5 MILLION since 2010. They're clocking $50-60M PER YEAR in losses since 2012
This #dataviz of Trump $$$ by is amazing
Charting an Empire: A Timeline of Trump’s Finances - Excellent and detailed article by ⁦
These New York Times visualizations of Trump's. income / losses are great... I hope financial advisors learn from these -- I would LOVE to see my own finances visualized this way!
"As many of his companies continue to lose money, Mr. Trump has more than $300 million in loans, for which he is personally responsible, coming due within the next four years."
I'M SO INTO THIS INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC The bottom line: Trump would have almost no money if it weren't for The Apprentice. Anybody with half an ounce of understanding about investing could have taken the money he was *given* and made much, much more.
#FauxMogul ⁦⁩ tax returns demonstrate that he was far more successful playing a business mogul than being one in real life. #taxevasion
I'm an immigrant. I pay more than #750dollars in taxes. I founded a company. I didn't have millions in losses.