A Political Conservative Goes to Berkeley
Ben Goes to Berkeley, via .
. weighs in on the nonsense brigades at Berkeley agitating against
. pens another gem of a column, this time defending . From, you know, the crazy left-wing NYT
Bay Area denizens engage in Reductio ad Hitlerum. This time 's the Nazi. My latest
. is right. The Milo protests at Berkeley were silly. The ones are deranged
Headline reads like a rabid zoo animal escaped
When Nancy Pelosi herself engages in Reductio ad Hitlerum, it's no surprise that is branded a 'fascist.'
NYT opinion makes strong statement on diversity of thought from on
Ben Shapiro supports small government, religious liberty and free-market economics. That makes him a 'fascist.'
I'm a leftie classical liberal. These L-wing politicians & students are making grave mistakes IMHO. shows
NYTimes supports and calls out "mainstream politicians [for] engaging in Reductio ad Hitlerum"
Re: SF free speech rally Organizer: No white supremacists will be permitted. Pelosi: "white supremacist rally."
Bari Weiss on Ben Shapiro, free speech, and overusing the term fascist
You're better than this Berkeley (and America) "A Political Conservative Goes to Berkeley"
Smart on campus crybabies shutting down people they disagree with