“I woke up and I was alone, and I was in pain and everyone spoke English so I could not ask any questions,” Yuridia said. Three days later, still sore and recovering, she was deported.
A whistleblower accused a doctor of performing mass hysterectomies on ICE-detained women who didn’t need them. The Times investigated, and while the story isn’t quite that, it’s still outrageous: unnecessary gynecological procedures paid for by ICE.
Yikes, this piece, on a gynecologist with a history of alleged Medicare fraud apparently performing unnecessary surgical procedures on ICE detainees.
"The cases were reviewed by five gynecologists — four of them board-certified... — who found that Dr. Amin consistently overstated the size or risks associated with cysts or masses attached to his patients’ reproductive organs"
Medical records from a Georgia ICE jail show women underwent unneeded and invasive gynecological surgeries that they didn't understand. Detained women had complained about the care for years. Latest with and
Further reporting on the ICE hysterectomies reveals an acute problem: a doctor performing invasive and unnecessary surgeries (possibly to enrich himself) And a chronic problem: Neglect of women in custody, no translators, no access to advocates
NYT reports that #Irwin County Detention Center (privately run by Lasalle Corrections), refers 1,000+ detainees a year "for outside medical care, far more than most other ICE detention centers of the same size." It is time to #ShutDownIrwin #AbolishICE!
Our government is doing terrible things to women of color, and the motivation appears to be money, via
Immigrants detained at an US ICE-contracted center in Georgia said they had invasive gynecology procedures that they later learned might have been unnecessary via et al
If true, these allegations of lack of informed consent and performing sterilizing procedures on vulnerable detainees is absolutely horrifying and enormously unethical: #protectthepatient