White-collar crime in America “costs victims an estimated $300 bn - $800 bn pr year," vs “street-level ‘property’ crimes, incl burglary, larceny and theft, cost us far less — around $16 billion annually, according to the F.B.I.” 's book looks 🔥
💚 Grateful for this insightful review by "Taub explicitly and persuasively places the breakdown of enforcement and accountability in the context of money and class. .By this juncture, readers’ blood may have reached the boiling point"
Jennifer Taub's "Big Dirty Money" is a polemic against America's failure to curb the criminal tendencies of the very rich
Good review by of 's important work. #WhiteCollarCrime #BigDirtyMoney
Why We Let White-Collar Criminals Get Away With Their Crimes - The New York Times