Revealed: World renowned surgeon ‘hoarded thousands of body parts over 25 years'
Revealed: Surgeon ‘hoarded thousands of body parts over 25 years'
The NHS is in the process of striking a £10 billion deal with private hospital companies to treat hundreds of thousands of NHS patients. This includes the company which didn't inform the regulator that one of its surgeons was collecting body parts 👇
Serious questions required ⁦⁦⁩ Astounding how a world-renowned surgeon escaped scrutiny, to collect & store body parts from thousands of patients for over 25 years in breach of legal & ethical guidelines ⁦⁦
One world-renowned surgeon, 25 years of operations in the spotlight, more than 5,000 patients’ body parts allegedly hoarded... but still no real answers. and tomorrow’s Daily Edition front.
A surgeon who collected body parts from thousands of his patients over a 25-year career is exposed in this leaked hospital report. Says one insider: "It’s all been kept quiet, they’ve covered it up.” Reporting by
👨‍⚕️ Renowned surgeon Derek McMinn ‘hoarded thousands of body parts over 25 years’
Revealed: hip surgeon who 'stockpiled body parts for 25 years' and the hospital accused of a cover-up #TomorrowsPapersToday
Some patients are contacting and today asking about their surgery and whether McMinn has their awful to learn via my reporting they might be affected. No duty of candour from the hospital