NEW: As publics around the world look to scientists to bring new treatments and preventive strategies for COVID-19, a new survey in 20 publics finds scientists and their research are widely viewed in a positive light.
How much of the world thinks about #AI 's impact on society: More of a good thing than a bad thing, according to new master work on how people around the planet think about science/scientists:
Today, released a new report on views of science and scientists across 20 global publics. Let's take a look at the key findings! (thread, 1/x). #scicomm /
Science and Scientists Held in High Esteem Across Global Publics #scicomm
The vast majority of people in most countries trust scientists to do the right thing. But there are huge partisan gaps in several countries (eg US, Canada, Australia, UK), where people on the left are far more likely to trust scientists.
Majorities across 20 publics surveyed have at least some trust in scientists to do what is right