Why do so many people hate the “non profit” College Board? (A) the selling student data for $0.47 each (B) $850 mill in off-shore investments (C) 18 execs making $300k - 7 mill a year (D) It’s assault on the only rival to its mono…
MR expose: "operates as near monopoly. Its tests..have stranglehold on student-customers, fuel >$1B in annual revenue & $100M in untaxed surplus. .. $400M is invested w/hedge funds & private equity & CEO David Coleman makes almost $2M/yr
A fantastic investigation of the College Board, and how it's failing the very students—especially the non-affluent, non-white ones—that it promises to serve.
The Forbes Investigation: How The SAT Failed America
“The SAT is basically a dodge. . . . It provides a shiny scientific cover for a system of inequality that guarantees that rich kids go to the most selective college. It makes all that sound like science when it’s not.”
Interesting, and living through this now… “is a nonprofit that operates as a near monopoly… more than $1 billion in annual revenue and $100 million in untaxed surplus.” Investigation: How The SAT Failed America by