💉 When will a COVID-19 vaccine likely be ready? That's the question on everyone's mind these days, and today, CGD experts released new research that sets out to answer this question.
We've written a blog outlining our research on COVID vaccines. Our work suggests we're unlikely to see one in 2020, but very likely to get one approved in 2021, but that manufacturing enough for everyone could take three years. #COVID19
Using 's new modelling tool, "there is a 50 percent chance that by the end of April 2021 there will be at least one [#COVIDー19] vaccine... By the end of 2021, this rises to 85 percent." ✍️ New from & co
When will we have a COVID-19 vaccine? New paper by CGD colleagues et al, combining modeling + expert interviews.
🚨New research alert!🚨 Today launches some exciting research, generating predictions of when we will have a COVID-19 vaccine. Beyond just dates, they focus on the importance of a diverse portfolio of vaccines. Interactive tool coming soon!
My fab colleagues have a model for when a COVID vaccine is ready. Their core message: have a portfolio of efforts. But, we all want to know the probability! Looks like: - 50% by Apr 21 - 80% by Oct 21
When will we have a #COVID19 #vaccine ready for distribution? It will take time so smarter to diversify the portfolio of investments (and to plan for policy/finance response and rest for a 2-3 year period).
"Diversification will maximise the chances of getting to a vaccine that works as soon as possible" Read more here
"When Will We Have a COVID-19 Vaccine?" A CGD team combines expert predictions & modeling to forecast: "50 percent chance that by the end of April 2021 there will be at least one vaccine safe & efficacious enough..." Blog: Paper: