Oxford University's testing service for the week 10-16 October. 802 tests, 197 positive, that's a staggering 24.6% test positivity rate.
197 positives among symptomatics in the University of Oxford during the last week, with a positivity rate that has more than doubled, at 24.6%. We are not testing anywhere near enough to keep abreast of cases and break up transmission chains.
University of Oxford have started publishing their coronavirus testing statistics at 15 positive cases this week.
Nothing to see here, just a test positivity rate of 8.6%.
Symptom based testing. Oxford students/staff COVID-19 test summaries. Tests (709)/Positive(61) = 8.6%. week October 3-9.
1. Major spike of cases in Oxford, similar to worst hit places in London. Oxford Uni has 9% test positivity rate. Yet AFAICT, Oxford Uni decides (Oct 13) risk is same as August (!) and wishes to pack residence halls and have in-person teaching.
Are the COVID-19 testing numbers going to be updated here today, please, ? They're now nearly 2 weeks out of date...
I was hoping these numbers would get updated sooner, they're now 10 days old, ...?
I bet in my lab meeting that this week's test positivity rate at Oxford will be 12.3%
. is now posting weekly data regarding positive cases and percentage of all tests which are positive. This includes only the tests that they've conducted.