Ignore, don't remove Rebut, don't retract These are more successful & decent strategies; removing things will backfire-- for the simple reason, there are many many of us still breathing who will defend the right of folks to say wrong things
"Understanding that there is both a legitimate need for speaking and arguing about what one cares about, but also a risk of going too far, I offer seven suggestions to turn #MobTwitter into #ProductiveOutrage." Op-ed by . #MedTwitter
Looking for some pointers on how to navigate #MedicalTwitter? Dr. Vinay Prasad (), author of "Malignant," has you covered in this new article for
My new commentary is out . We have seen several e.g in recent weeks where #MedTwitter Became #Mobtwitter how can we take that energy and put it to #ProductiveOutrage, instead? My views
My new article on has 7 tips to turn #Mobtwitter into #ProductiveOutrage #1 is you have a duty to directly examine the evidence yourself. In the spirit of that duty...
Less #MobTwitter, More #ProductiveOutrage: How to navigate medical Twitter via
First, often (let me say OFTEN) folks have not read the primary material themselves. What exactly did that 16 page article say? This is thesis 1 in my recent post
This week on I have 7 suggestions to turn the monthly episode of #MobTwitter into #ProductiveOutrage instead tl;dr Here they are (thread) #1 - you gotta watch the video yourself....
Please read my article on less #mobtwitter and more #productiveoutrage
I recently wrote an article on #mobtwitter With several lessons that applied here Ignoring might be better, after all, no one reads a 16 page article in a boring cardiology journal-- unless you tell them too!
Please don't insult someone's suit, moustache, mother... I mean come on. This is not hard. Debate is great. Lopsided debate is not a debate, but something truly frightening Read my take on Less #mobtwitter and how to have #productiveoutrage instead