In addition to death penalty abolition, Pope Francis' encyclical calls for everyone "also to work for the improvement of prison conditions, out of respect for the human dignity of persons deprived of their freedom."
<Thread> Pope Francis shakes the conscience of the world in a call to be #FratelliTutti - brothers and sisters, all.
Strong Polanyian vibes from the Pope's new Encyclical Letter 'Fratelli Tutti'
See paragraph 197 of the new encyclical
Looks like there is a lot to unpack here: #FratelliTutti .
And BTW, I do sincerely love that in his encyclical the 𝘱𝘰𝘱𝘦 disparages the unfair, pro-rich, pro-big-business trickle-down economic paradigm dominant in America since 1980--see EVIL GENIUSES: THE UNMAKING OF AMERICA--as "magic theories" and "dogma."
Pope Francis sounds like Neil Postman on media: "Everything has become a kind of spectacle to be examined and inspected...True wisdom demands an encounter with reality. Today, however, everything can be created, disguised and altered."
I had missed that the Pope released a new encyclical over the weekend. This time he focused on - hint, hint - denouncing populism and nationalism. But it's interesting to see how he still found space to mention the environment...
Pope Francis on St. Francis "Francis felt himself a brother to the sun, the sea and the wind, yet he knew that he was even closer to those of his own flesh." As Johnny Cash put it: "Mother Nature's quite a lady, but ...flesh & blood needs flesh & blood."
“The claim that the modern world has reduced poverty is made by measuring poverty with criteria from the past that do not correspond to present-day realities." Fratelli tutti (3 October 2020) | Francis
I strongly recommend this excellent encyclical by the Holy Father , which resonated closely with many themes, especially the work of : . I hope we can collaborate closely with the Holy See on many things.
He defends local traditions as crucial, which reflects the Church's venerable efforts to balance the universal (catholic) with the local and particular.