If EARN IT passes, websites will have to censor their users or face prosecutions and lawsuits.
The EARN-IT bill has passed the Senate and is now into the House. This is a very dangerous bill and will hurt encryption and privacy for everyone. It must be stopped.
Take ~30 seconds to push back against banning end-to-end encryption. already pre-populates the message for you, all you have to do is list your city/state and hit submit
If you oppose the EARN IT Act, please contact your Representative in the House as well—even if you've already emailed your Senators. We can't let this anti-speech, anti-security bill gain more support.
friends - if you live in the US, please take *one* minute to fight the EARN IT bill! the made a nifty tool - in less than 60 seconds you can email your representatives and urge them to VOTE NO on this bill which seeks to BAN encryption! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
EFF has a nifty tool that will email your reps based on your zip code!
I sent messages today to my electeds , & Stephen Lynch, asking them to publicly repudiate legislation that is dangerous to our freedoms, our economy and, really, our national security. Thanks &
Whaaat? The ol' election train wreck sneak?
Help stop the EARN IT Bill
If you live in this US, be sure to email your representatives saying you oppose the #EarnIt ACT that will ultimately undermine privacy and encryption.