“Our leaders need to #FaceTheClimateEmergency instead of creating loopholes while building their so-called ’pledges’ on the cheating tactics that got us into this mess.”  We're losing the small window of opportunity to stay in line with the Paris Accord.
“There can be no social justice without climate justice. ” —  - #climatebrawl #ClimateAction #ClimateJustice #climatecrisis #climatechange
“One of humanity’s greatest, present threats is the belief that real sufficient climate action is being taken, that things are being taken care of — when in fact they’re not. Not at all.” — 
“Between the four of us, we have met quite a number of world leaders during the last two years and you’d probably be surprised to hear some of the things they say when the cameras and microphones are off.”  #ClimateEmergency —