Ignore the polls, folks. There’s too much at stake for us to get complacent. Vote: Donate: Volunteer: Let’s finish these final four weeks strong.
Folks, I hope I’m making you proud during tonight’s town hall. If you’re with us, please chip in to help power our campaign over these final 19 days.
Folks, I just wrapped up my NBC Town Hall where I laid out my plans to build this country back better than before. If you liked what you heard, please chip in to keep tonight's momentum going
Folks, I just stepped off the debate stage, and I’ve never been more fired up and ready to win this election. Now, I need your help — chip in to keep tonight’s momentum going through Election Day
Four weeks from today, voters will head to the polls to determine the outcome of the most important election of our lifetime. We don’t have a minute to waste — and we need your help to win. Chip in
Folks, we're just a few days away from our final public fundraising deadline, and we need your help to hit our goal. Every donation — big or small — makes a big difference during these final weeks. If you're able, please chip in
I just stepped off the stage at tonight’s town hall, where I laid out what’s at stake in this election. Now, I need your help. Chip in to power our campaign through this final stretch.
Today marks 30 days until Election Day. 30 days until we begin to restore the soul of the nation. Chip in to power our campaign through this final stretch
Don't wake up on November 4th wishing you had done more. If you're able, chip in $8 to help secure a victory in 8 days
Folks, it’s hard to believe, but tomorrow night marks our final public fundraising deadline of the campaign. Can you chip in to help us post our strongest numbers yet?
I need you in my corner tonight. Can you chip in before I take the debate stage and help power this campaign through the final 12 days?
Folks, we're just one week from Election Day, and we can't get complacent. Our campaign is working to reach voters across the country until the very last ballot is cast. We can't afford to fall short. If you're able, please chip in now
Chip in to help us make Donald Trump a one-term president
Folks, we can’t let up. We’re just a few hours away from our last public fundraising deadline before Election Day, and we need your help to hit our goal. It all comes down to this. Chip in to beat Donald Trump
Folks, it’s go-time. There are just 10 days left until Election Day, and we need your help. Chip in $10 to help bring this across the finish line
. is about to take the debate stage –– but before she does, I need your help. Will you chip in to make sure Kamala knows you’ve got her back as she takes on Vice President Pence?
Thank you to each and every person who has gotten involved in our campaign so far. Whether you chipped in a few dollars or dedicated a few hours of your time — I’m incredibly grateful. Let’s keep our foot on the pedal these final 12 days and finish strong.
Tonight, our campaign will close our books and send in the names of our grassroots supporters for the final time. Chip in to make sure you’re on the list
Folks, with just nine days until Election Day, your support is more important than ever. Every dollar counts during this final stretch. If you're able, please chip in today
I am proud that the average contribution to my campaign is $43. Chip in to power our grassroots movement through this final stretch