The White House isn't contact tracing the SCOTUS Rose Garden event that left 9 COVID-19 positive. But and I traced faith leaders who were there: Some are tested, but MANY preached this Sunday instead of quarantining—despite CDC guidelines.
At least nine people from the Rose Garden ceremony have since tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Yet, many of the pastors in attendance preached to in-person congregations Sunday.
An exhaustive report on the evangelicals who attended the Rose Garden ceremony announcing Amy Coney Barrett and who has tested for COVID by and
Some faith leaders who attended a White House event have tested positive for #COVID19. But most are flouting guidelines that recommend they quarantine even if they test negative, preaching in public and attending indoor events.
This article has been updated with news of more #COVID19 test results following the event in the #RoseGarden on Sept. 26
What makes it extra awkward is that most of these leaders did not wear masks. RNS has a zoom-in graf here
The apostle Paul: " I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock." (Acts 20:29: ) Trump evangelical advisers exposed to COVID-19 flout CDC guidelines, preach in public #FalseShepherds
One of Trump’s evangelical advisors who was at the Barrett confab Saturday 9/26