Oh, NBD: Top U.S. military leaders, including chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are quarantining after being exposed to the virus.
President Trump echoed his earlier false claims that Covid-19 was comparable in lethality to the flu on Tuesday, which experts say is much less deadly than coronavirus.
The president is considering giving some kind of nationwide televised address today, per two people familiar with the discussions. This plus confirming CNN report on a military aide (valet) testing positive this weekend and other details from last 24 hrs
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, and several of the Pentagon's top uniformed leaders are quarantining after being exposed to the coronavirus, a Defense official said on Tuesday.
"A culture of panic replaced a culture of negligence about precautions against the virus, led by Mr. Trump, that had infused the White House since March."
“And a military aide who comes in contact with Mr. Trump tested positive over the weekend, a person close to the president said, confirming a report by CNN.” And Trump couldn’t care less.
You literally could not pay me enough to be in an indoor space, without a mask, with a person who received a #covid19 diagnosis only 10 days earlier.
☣️ People with mild to moderate cases of the illness are likely to “remain infectious no longer than 10 days after symptom onset" - . But that period could be doubled (to 20 days) in cases of more serious illness.
I have to ask: was Trump "patient zero" in this super-spreader event? 🤔
It is Tuesday, Oct 6. A culture of panic is setting in for employees who work at the White House.
“White House officials, citing national security concerns, last weekend told Defense Department officials that they should no longer inform the public or the press about the coronavirus status of senior Pentagon leaders.”
General Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and other top military leaders are quarantining after being exposed to the coronavirus.
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Stephen Miller, architect of Trump's immigration and refugee policies, has tested positive for COVID-19
If I didn't know any better I'd think some foreign power snuck an idiot with a deadly contagion into the white house to attack our military leaders
Ugh! Trump virus 🦠 continues spreading.