Another declaration on 'herd immunity' signed by Sunetra Gupta(Oxford), Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford) & Martin Kulldorff(Harvard) who don't have a single peer reviewed publication on covid-19 epidemiology between them Can we stop platforming pseudoscience?
These ‘scientists’ are totally lacking in humanity. They advocate “survival for the fittest” and virtual imprisonment for the vulnerable and older people. They also ignore Long COVID, and the risk of long term effects of infection which seems harmless now.
Surely we should at least be debating this. I (officially older) would be happy to consider my risks more carefully to allow my children to live their lives. What happens if there isn’t a vaccine? We live like this indefinitely?
Headline writers, stop with this shit. This is why the climate change debate is where it is. Don't do this w COVID too. THREE scientist, 3, call for... Not scientists And they've been calling for and publishing crap papers pushing this BS since March
...shouldn't proposals like this be at least debated in good faith rather than dismissed as some kind of ultra-libertarian death cult?
‘International group of scientists has called on governments to overturn their coronavirus strategies and allow young and healthy people to return to normal life while protecting the most vulnerable.’
"Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health incl lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening CVD outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health –
Scientists call for Covid herd immunity strategy for young via
'The authors of the declaration argue that Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions are having “devastating effects” on public health by disrupting routine care and harming mental health, with the underprivileged bearing the greatest burden.'
Scientists call for Covid herd immunity strategy for young I'm not a fan.