“Development after #COVID19” is the focus of the 16th #SalasLecture 🎥 Watch here: 🟠 Lecture: Former Deputy Secretary-General 🟠 Speakers: 🟠 Moderation:
Join us tomorrow for this year's Rafael M. Salas Memorial Lecture on “Development after #COVID19” 🟠 Moderation: 🟠 Opening: 🟠 Lecture: Former Deputy Secretary-General More info ⏩ #SalasLecture
“Whatever the challenge, we always come back stronger. In the face of opposition, we look for and find opportunity just like Rafael Salas did.” — , Executive Director 🎥 Watch the #SalasLecture on “Development after #COVID19”:
“In the development & humanitarian space, we simply can’t wait. You need to be relevant today. That requires understanding what post–#COVID19 development will look like.” –– , Former Deputy Secretary General 🎥 Watch ⏩ #SalasLecture
One of the most thought-provoking global lectures is just a day away. Join us for the 2020 Rafael M. Salas Memorial Lecture, with visionary Mark outlining possible scenarios for our post-#COVID19 world. Tuesday, October 13: 11am New York:
“Rafael M. Salas was a visionary whose ideas shaped from its early days and were instrumental to global consensus on population issues.” — , Deputy Secretary-General 🎥 Watch the #SalasLecture on “Development after #COVID19”:
Each year, hosts the Rafael M. Salas Memorial Lecture, named after our first Executive Director. Our 2020 event features global reformer Mark on development challenges in a post-#COVID19 world. Oct 13: 11a New York / 10p Bangkok:
⏰ Starting soon! 13 October 11AM EDT The 16th Rafael M. Salas Memorial Lecture 🎤 Delivered by former Deputy Secretary-General . Opening remarks by . Panel featuring & . Watch live: #SalasLecture
Don’t miss the 16th Rafael M. Salas Memorial Lecture tomorrow at 11AM EDT This year's lecture on 'Development after #COVID19' will be delivered by former Deputy Secretary-General Mark . More info: #SalasLecture
A couple of lectures I am giving on Development, the UN and its future.