If you haven't read this story about a Pittsburgh effort to recruit Black volunteers for Covid vaccine trials, you're missing out on some excellent on-the-ground health reporting
“You’re not going to be the guinea pig,” the supervisor of the volunteers, Tyra L. Townsend, chimed in. “White people are.” That is because, she said, most of the vaccine trial registrants so far are white.
Great story on a tough problem
“It’s not the science we distrust; it’s the scientists” — The research community must repair centuries of harm and must do better going forward.This neighborhood partnership is one strategy. If we are given trust we must protect it. Research must give back
Distrust of a Covid-19 vaccine is highest among African Americans. Although they are being hit disproportionately hard by pandemic, they have resisted volunteering for the vaccine trials.
It is SO important that PoC, and African-Americans in particular, be represented in vaccine trials. We need to know that vaccines work well in the hardest-hit communities. ‘I Won’t Be Used as a Guinea Pig for White People’
via ⁦⁩ The challenge: correcting years of racism in medicine and research and establish trust. This requires a long range plan and steady commitment from all of us in medicine and science. Who is up for this challenge?
#COVID19 #vaccine: "I Won’t Be Used as a Guinea Pig for White People" cc Only 3% of vaccine trial volunteers are Black. Great piece by highlighting the complexity of trust issue & need for respectful & inclusive #scicomm...
'“Do they think we are unable to comprehend the vaccine information?” Father Paul asked in exasperation.' Institutions don't need to educate communities. Our institutions need education on engagement and becoming trustworthy. #healthequity #SDOH
Just 3% of the people signed up for vaccine trials are Black. The mistrust is built on a long history of unethical experiments & abuse. Yet their inclusion in a medical study has never been more urgent. reports from Pittsburgh
While Black people stand to benefit greatly from a coronavirus vaccine, surveys show that they are the group least likely to trust one. Really important story by
‘I Won’t Be Used as a Guinea Pig for White People’ - Mistrust of #vaccination runs deep in African-American communities for historical reasons, by via #Covid19 #BlackLivesMatter
"I won’t be used as a guinea pig for white people" when mistrust runs deep communication and community matters in #Pittsburgh
Good reporting from on the understandable distrust many Black people for the medical establishment after past abuses, and the Orthodox priest in Pittsburgh trying to recruit his neighbors for vaccine trials.
Mistrust of vaccines runs deep in African-American communities. Against formidable odds, Father Paul Abernathy and his teams are trying to convince residents of Pittsburgh’s historic Black neighborhoods to volunteer for trials testing a Covid-19 shot.