Our first ever joint UN stillbirth estimates & report just released . 2 million babies are stillborn every year. Most of these lives could be saved with timely & high quality care. #EndStillbirths 👉 👉
A stillbirth occurs every 16 seconds somewhere in the world. This tragic loss of life remains a neglected issue, as worldwide data on stillbirths are largely absent. Today is bringing focus to this neglected tragedy.
New report from UN Inter-Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (IGME) includes data on the additional babies that could be #stillborn due to #COVID19 related disruptions in child and #maternalhealth services. #CovidCollateral Read it here ⬇️
Large disparities across countries exist in stillbirth rate: a 23-fold difference between the lowest & highest, based on the first ever joint UN stillbirth report. Report: UN IGME Estimates: Press Release:
We're losing too many babies before they take their first breath, with ~2 million #stillborn every year. Too often, women and families endure this tragedy in silence. We must break the stigma and give bereaved parents the full support they deserve.
A Neglected Tragedy: The global burden of stillbirths
In 1/2 the 117 LMICs only 2-50% of pregnant women received key interventions that could prevent stillbirths. Join webinar today to discuss the global burden of stillbirth at: and take a đź‘€ at report on stillbirths
UN IGME releases its first ever report on #stillbirth estimates today & includes data on - huge milestone! But still so much work to do... 2million stillbirths in 2019 #EndStillbirths