Great reporting by on ! “I think it’s worth emphasizing that these miracles.... don’t just pop off the shelf. It’s creative genius applied over decades that leads to treatments like this.”
"Obviously your heart races a little bit faster when you’re dealing with a leader of the free world and you realize you might be in a position to really change the course of his health outcome,” $REGN's Len Schleifer told me. /1 via
. snags interview with the pair who run Regeneron. They discuss what it's like for the President to receive their experimental treatment. Piece is packed with fascinating behind-the-scenes details. For STAT Plus subscribers. via
“And we felt instantly, both of us felt that it was the right thing to do.” — Regeneron's founders on the decision to make their experimental monoclonal antibody cocktail available to treat President Trump. By .
As doctors question whether Trump should have gotten monoclonal antibodies (aka "It's called Regeneron") and whether they deserve an EUA, incisive piece on the company in the spotlight.
Plus: (1) No, heart palpitations are not likely an antibody side effect (2) Len is not a "close associate" of the president. (3) The dose was given Friday morning (4) What this has to do with baseball.
Trump's case of #covid19 has put a spotlight on the drug company Regeneron — and the two big personalities who run it. has the Len and George interview
Trump’s treatment puts a spotlight on Regeneron, and the pugnacious pair who run it via