NEWTON MINOW, 94, Debate Commission member, tells me: “American voters are the losers—deprived of the opportunity to see, hear & evaluate presidential candidates through today’s technology." Minow chaired FCC from 1961-63 & coined term "vast wasteland"
The next debate between President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. is to be held virtually, rather than in person, because of health concerns about the coronavirus
Breaking News: “I’m not going to do a virtual debate,” President Trump said after the presidential debate commission said next week’s event would be held remotely.
Trump objects to Commission’s plan for the next Presidential debate to be virtual and calls the plan “ridiculous.” Meanwhile, HIS FAILURE to stop the spread have given millions of U.S. children no choice but virtual school. #reckless #votekids #votehealth
Breaking News: President Trump and Joe Biden's next debate will be held virtually because of coronavirus concerns, the Commission on Presidential Debates said.
Our latest on Trump's refusal to go virtual, setting up the most significant test to the Debate Commission’s legitimacy since its founding in 1987. me &
"It was not immediately clear if the Trump campaign would agree to a virtual meeting of the candidates or if Mr. Trump, who tested positive last week for the coronavirus, would participate." me
if this happens I am betting she will take no guff from Trump and cut his mic. Do not mess with Third debate scheduled for Oct 22 with Kristen Welker of NBC News moderating
tells you everything you need to know and reveals conflict (he's in deep trouble back at Notre Dam) that Jenkins is one of the debate directors.
I keep thinking about this rejection of a virtual debate and the fact that the rest of the country has been stuck in an endless cycle of Zoom meetings for months and months and months.
18/ Turning to next week's debate: the Commission on Presidential Debates announced today it intends to hold the second debate, scheduled for next Thursday, virtually. Trump immediately rejected the decision
Everyone else is doing their jobs over Zoom, dude. Get with the program.
We've all been having virtual meetings since the Spring including many successful medical conferences. #YouCantGetCOVIDViaZoom Trump Objects to Commission’s Virtual Debate Plan #COVID19 #Vote
Ok lemme get this straight. The rest of us are expected to figure out how to do our jobs over zoom indefinitely, but Trump acts like it's an insult to ask him to refrain from exposing others when he's almost certainly still contagious?