"Over the long term, it is conservative Americans who have the most to gain if Trump loses. The discrediting of Trump offers their only path back to democratic viability. Republicans will not self-correct on their own." [email protected]
In Canada's Macleans magazine: me on "what if Trump wins?"
David Frum: First-term Trump was lazy, gullible, ignorant, vain and crooked. Second-term Trump would be worse.
We use the phrase "what if Trump wins?" too casually. In I look closer at what those words would mean in real life
Me in Macleans magazine: what if Trump wins? "A Trump 'win' will open the question: does voting work? If the American people cannot get rid of a rejected president by casting millions more votes against him than votes for him—how do they get rid of him?"
What if Trump "wins"? I go there for