30 journalism jobs now open at ProPublica as we announce major expansion into local news. Apply now. Apply often.
MAJOR MEDIA NEWS: ProPublica to Launch New Regional Units in the South and Southwest; ProPublica Illinois to Expand to Midwest Regional Newsroom
Just out: So happy to be able to make this very special announcement about scaling ⁦⁩’s local journalism. A big day.
BIG DEAL: ProPublica "dramatically scaling up its commitment to local investigative journalism" Will not replace the loss of local news coverage in so many cities. But important step to bring some local accountability journalism back
More specifically, this new investment into local journalism will allow for: *A seven-person reporting unit, based in Atlanta, to cover the South, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. <more>
👏👏👏👏ProPublica to Launch New Regional Units in South And Expand in Midwest = JOBS for investigative types! Public service journalism 🙏
If you know pro-voting rights, journalist of color, please pass this opportunity along! We need more voices from non-white folks in this space ASAP because it’s voters of color who are being attacked and they are NOT represented in election beat