6 companies own fucking 510,462 BTC. There isn’t enough Bitcoin out there for all your friends and family to own it 1 full coin. Stack accordingly.
There are at least 513,542 BTC currently held on corporate balance sheets.
MSTR +$100M GLXY +$100M VYGR 2x the $ RIOT 2x the $ DCC 3.5x the $ Companies without #Bitcoin exposure are not complying with their fiduciary duties towards shareholders.
The most interesting thing happening in crypto right now, IMO, is the steady trickle of corporations announcing they are allocating some of their reserve assets to Bitcoin. This is a signal of widespread acceptance, and buying pressure. Updated list here
3rd one makes a trend... $425M $50M Are you next?
Over twenty companies, most of which began accumulating within the last few months, collectively hold over 750,000 bitcoins as a reserve asset. The price of #Bitcoin is currently $11,965.
Growing list of companies that own #Bitcoin by at
Nearly 600k #Bitcoin are held by publicly traded companies h/t
In April of 2016 #Bitcoin's market cap was $6.8 Billion. Four-and-a-half years later, public companies hold $6.8 Billion BTC on their balance sheets and the market cap has risen to $211 Billion. Source: Source:
For , I had the chance to speak with about and the trend of large corporations building up #Bitcoin HODLings. They're snapping up a lot of the supply, but there's still plenty of time to FOMO in.
#Bitcoin treasuries in publicly traded companies. Source: by
As corporations build Bitcoin treasuries, we all win. had the chance to speak with from about and the trend of large corporations building up #Bitcoin HODLings. Check out the full interview below:
Update: I am also tracking Square's Bitcoin holdings now. I couldn't find any Square quotes that compare with those of the Giga Chad. If you stumble over any, tag me/shoot me a DM. For a full overview of companies with BTCs on their balance sheet: by
To the creators of - don't forget about Our publicly listed (ticker COINXBT:SS) holds $771M of #Bitcoin as of 20 minutes ago (holdings updated every 30 minutes) -
Way to go Rodolfo for starting and tracking all the public companies that are purchasing #Bitcoin Which corporate institution will be next?
As digital currencies become the norm, #Bitcoin starts to sound less and less like a monetary experiment and more like a candidate for global reserve currency. Already corporations hold $7.1 Billion BTC on their balance sheets.
The Bit Digital, Inc. [NASDAQ:BTBT] added @ 949.5 BTC The Tezos Foundation [private] added @ 24,808 BTC Total 785,999 BTC (3.74%)
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7 empresas listadas que ya tienen #Bitcoin dentro de sus activos. Coincido con lo que propone de que los países compren al menos un mínimo de sus reservas en #Bitcoin . ¿Qué opinas? #noesrocketscience Fuente:
overhyped: Fortune 500 underhyped
#Bitcoin Treasuries in Publicly Traded Companies (update)
HUT 8 MINING CORP [Hut-8] also added @ 2,954 BTC Total 513,416 BTC (re-sharing, previous had wrong URL)
Which government will be the first to announce $50M+ in #Bitcoin holdings to qualify for
Added Market Cap vs BTC % held to #BitcoinTreasuries website Updated Total @ 598,237 BTC (2.85%)
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Chamath will we be seeing some new listings here?