Despite — or perhaps because of — half a century of modern criminology data keeping and analysis, all researchers have to go on are correlations — and none of them clearly explain all the times crime has gone up.
Fivethirtyeight's analysis of complex issues of crime and punishment, race and inequality, hits a lot of important points.
Trump Doesn’t Know Why Crime Rises or Falls. Neither Does Biden. Or Any Other Politician. Anybody who tells you otherwise is full of shit.
Short- (and long) term violence trends are incredibly complex, common methods are not well equipped to explain system-level changes. We have ideas about what influences trends, but no definitive answers. and capture all of this.
"Crime" became a code word used to harness white voters’ racial fears and resentments while affording protection from charges of racism. Regardless of crime levels, Americans report feeling less safe in neighborhoods where more young black men live.